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Management Reporting

GoServicePro includes a sophisticated drag and drop reporting system.  All data is shown in a user friendly interface for management reporting.  Reports are secured by role and are sharable.  Create your own custom reports and save them for later execution.

Service Reports

  • Reports can be presented throughout the application either by going to the reporting area of the application or by embedding critical reports in the service workspace or on individual workflow objects (i.e. case, work order, part order, etc)
  • Embedded reports insure that users have the right data in the right place to quickly solve customer issues
  • OLAP style reporting enables users to manipulate and filter the data they want to see and then save the report as a preset favorite
  • Users have control over the options on their reports including graph types color palletes for graph style reports or totalling options on cross tab style reports
  • Sharing enables users to share their favorite reports with other users of the system
  • The following report types are currently supported:  Graph, Cross Tab, Raw Data, Gantt, Map

Graph Reports

  • Graph reports allow users to view data in multiple dimensions on customizable  x, y, and z axises
  • OLAP style reporting allow users to drag and drop fields onto whichever axis they wish providing them the power to explore company data
  • Powerful filtering, formatting, and highlighting  widgets provide the tools necessary to fine tune reports
  • Multiple graph styles provide the user with a number of different ways to view their data including bar, column, area, line, and scatter plots
  • A variety of pallette options insure that graph reports are presented in the most impactful way possible

Cross-tab Reports

  • Cross-tab reports enable the user to pinpoint specific information in their data and do powerful comparisons over x and z axises
  • The same OLAP style reporting available to graph reports is also available in cross-tabs
  • Users can optionally select to include row and column totals/sub-totals
  • The combination of graph and cross-tab reporting provides users with unprecedented tools for analyzing data

Raw Data Reports

  • Raw data reports deliver data to reporting users in a tabular format and includes all of the data that makes up graph and cross-tab reports
  • The extended raw data report provides easy exporting to Excel for further data analysis
  • Powerful date and adhoc row filtering insure the user has exactly the information they are interested in

Form Reports

  • Form style reports enable businesses the ability to generate formatted printable reports typically used for Invoices, Work Order Summaries, or Part Orders, etc.
  • Easily printed or exported to PDF form reports are flexible enough to fulfill your documentation needs

Gantt Reports


  • Gantt reports provide an easy way to view date oriented data across a historical timeline
  • Users can select the date field which they would like to have plotted on the gantt as well as the viewable timeframe
  • Hierarchical groupings are selected to provide relevant in the gantt chart’s axis.  This is particularly useful for drilling down on organizational information  such as Region, District, Office, etc

Map Reports

  • Map style reports provide a unique geographical view of your data
  • GoServicePro includes a powerful geo-coding module to easily pinpoint all your site data making map style reporting a natural extension to the reporting toolset
  • With map reports its easy to create reports to analyze case or work order density by geography potentially highlighting the need for resource adjustment

Sample Reporting Screen