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Site Management

Get the ability to manage your internal, customer and vendor sites including creating hierarchal organizational structures.  Mapping tools allow for geo-coding of sites in order to enable efficient routing and reporting.

Site Information

  • Sites allow you to record pertinent information about a customer site such as name, location, business hours, holidays, etc
  • Classification of sites fall into three categories:  Internal, Customer, and Vendor
  • Location information allows for the storage of physical, billing, and shipping addresses
  • Addresses are geo-coded to enable mapping functions and location based resource assignment

Site Hierarchy


  • Flexible site hierarchy allows you to model complex internal or customer organizations based on levels such as Business Unit, Region, District, Office, and Individual sites
  • System  administrators can restrict access to data based on organizational level

Site Assets

  • Site assets represent the installed equipment or services at a customer site.  These are typically the products you service
  • Information such as the product, serial number, asset tag, installed date, etc are visible on a site asset
  • Service history can be viewed by individual site asset or based on product attributes (i.e. family, line, customer, geography, etc)
  • Installs, De-Installs, and Exchanges are easily transacted and stored as part of the asset history
  • Complex site installations can be represented through site asset hierarchy


  • Site alerts provide a way to notify users of important time sensitive information about a site while transacting sites, cases, work orders, etc
  • Alerts can have starting and ending dates and can be marked as urgent


  • Site preferences enable you to set up preferred, primary, and non preferred technicians for a given site
  • Insures that knowledgable technicians are preferred during resource scheduling
  • Preferences may also be applied to site assets

Billing Information

  • Billing information can easily be viewed on the site
  • Billing includes case billing, time and materials billing, parts billing, and contract annuity billing

Sample Site Screen


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