Intelligent PDFs

Reduce the amount of paper moving around in your organization, keep electronic historical records of your most critical documents, and make key transactions available to everyone who needs to view them in real time.

Intelligent PDF Forms

With the GoServicePro “PDF Forms Advisor”, you can convert your current business forms to electronic format and continue to use your existing business processes and documents… electronically!

One of the hardest things to do when implementing an automated field service solution is to train your staff on the new system. With, PDF Forms Advisor, your forms, with your branding, logos, and colors, stay the same. Your staff already knows how to use your existing forms, now you can automate them and capture all our critical business data in the GoServicePro system.

Write less, copy less, but capture more usable information. Attach pictures, drawings or notes to your forms. Capture electronic signatures from both your customers and your technicians. Include pictures of the exact problem or situation, or even pictures of other documents and include them with your forms. Print out your forms or email them on the spot with your logos, and branding.

Collect your customer’s satisfaction responses on the spot, or email them a survey to submit back to you automatically. Your service tech does not need to do anything but close the job. The customer does not need any software to return the survey and their responses will be reported on in the GoServicePro service reporting module.