Mobile Field Service App

Field Service Mobile App

This field service app works on Android and iOS devices.

GoServicePro’s Mobile Field Service App puts the power in your field technicians’ hand. Built on a store and forward architecture, your techs have access to their data whether they are in a basement, a hospital, or servicing remote locations. The mobile application currently supports major device platforms such as Android, Apple’s iOS. Tablet optimized versions of the mobility application take advantage of the extra real estate provided by tablets.


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  • When a work order is assigned to a technician their device notifies them with a ring tone, vibration and visual indicators
  • Work orders can be viewed as a list, in an Outlook style calendar or geographically on a map
  • A dynamic wizard integrates with workflow to provide technicians a shortcut to the next step in the work order process

Work Order Information

  • Technicians are provided extensive work order information
  • Work order information such as title, problem description, category, etc let a technician know exactly the problem they are trying to solve
  • Customer information such as customer name, contact, address, and SLA information insure technicians know where the customer is and what they are entitled to
  • Site asset information provides technicians the complete site asset configuration as well as site asset history
  • Work order history and special considerations give technicians the background information necessary to arrive onsite informed

Work Order Logging

  • Streamlined easy to use logging features provide technicians with simple ways to log their work while automatically keeping service coordination personnel back at the office informed of their progress
  • Timestamp logging enables technicians to mark key points such as travel start, arrive onsite, and work complete with the click of a button
  • Expense logging insures technicians have an easy way to record billable or non billable expenses such as parking, tolls, car rental, airfare, etc
  • Odometer logging insures your business is capturing potentially billable travel mileage and a key component of service costs
  • Notes logging enables technicians to provide a written description of work performed or actions taken.  Device integration enables text to speech for easy notation
  • Activity logging provides a structured way for technicians to record the equipment worked on and actions performed which can be used later in failure analysis reporting
  • Install, remove, and exchange part transactions to record parts used from inventory or part orders as well as keep site asset configurations up to date
  • Powerful reverse logistics features integrate with part transactions to enable flows like return of DOA parts to warehouse, retain bad parts in truck, or scrap in field

Part Orders

  • Part order capabilities are built in to the mobile application to enable complex workflows
  • Service coordination personnel can order parts in advance of technician arrival to insure technician and parts arrive at the same time
  • Technicians can order parts for specific work orders, for sale to customers, or to replenish technician truck stock
  • Part orders can be tracked from order placement to installation at a customer site to return of bad parts for depot repair

Truck Inventory

  • Truck inventory provides visibility into the stock that technicians carry with them on their trucks
  • Recording parts usage from truck inventory tightens up inventory processes and insures accountability for parts
  • Service coordination personnel can view technician truck inventory prior to dispatch to insure the technician has the right parts to complete the work order
  • Tools can also be tracked in truck inventory to provide accountability for high dollar company resources

Google Maps Integration

  • Tight integration with Google Maps provides technicians with the geographical tools to reduce travel time and expenses
  • Technicians can get turn by turn driving directions from their current location to their next work order
  • Work order radar allows technicians to see their current location on the map as well as all work orders around them


  • Attachments provide technicians with a way to tell the service story in pictures and documents
  • Integration with device cameras allow technicians to take pictures of situations like vandalism, new installations etc
  • Signature capture enables technicians to capture customer signature on the device for proof of service acceptance
  • All attachments are uploaded for secure storage in the cloud and become a permanent part of work order history

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