Site Asset Management

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Site assets represent the installed equipment or services at a customer site.  These are typically the products you service.  Site assets may optionally be covered by service contracts which represent warranty, and extended support agreements.

Site Assets

  • Information such as the product, serial number, asset tag, installed date, etc are visible on a site asset
  • Service history can be viewed by individual site asset or based on product attributes (i.e. family, line, customer, geography, etc)
  • Installs, De-Installs, and Exchanges are easily transacted and stored as part of the asset history
  • Installation history is maintained for the life of a site asset even if it is moved from customer to customer
  • Complex site installations can be represented through site asset hierarchy which provides parent and child part relationships with no limits on the depth of the hierarchy
  • Technician preferences allow you to specify the primary or preferred technicians for a particular site asset or site to aid in scheduling
  • Site asset information is available to technicians on mobile devices putting the information they need to solve problems in the palm of their hands

Sample Site Assets Screen