3 Reasons In Field Workers Are Similar to Entrepreneurs

We bet you’ve never thought that before

Working in the field is a lot like being an entrepreneur.  You might think that sounds crazy but it’s true.  So what are some of the similarities?

1.  You have to be self-motivatedCrash-Course-for-Entrepreneur

If you are starting a business you have to be motivated in order to get it up off the ground.  You might have a brilliant idea, but without a little elbow grease and some actually determination you’ll never get it off the ground.

If you are an in field worker, you have to be self motivated to get your job done on time or quicker (to impress your boss).  If you start to lose focus and you begin to slow down, you run the risk of demotion or of being let go from your job.

2.  You have to know your direction

As a business starter, you have to know what your direction is.  What are you aiming towards with all your efforts?  What is your end goal?  Is it to have a mutli-million dollar company within 5 years?  Whatever it is, you have to know what you’re working towards.

As an in field worker, you also need to know your direction.  What is your goal for the day?  Is there a certain number of jobs that need to be completed?  How are you going to accomplish all of these tasks?  You need to know your daily tasks or you’ll be lost.

3.  You need to know what your tasks are

Great, you’re motivated to start your own business, and you know what you want that business to be but what are the necessary steps that you have to take, what are the tasks that must be done first?

When you are working away from an office, you have to keep up to date on the daily tasks that you are required to complete.  That’s not always the easiest thing to do.  That’s why GoServicePro is so great.  Because it is connected to the cloud you are able to see your daily tasks, as well as have them updated from the office, and in return, update the office on your progress throughout the day.

So there you have it, a few ways entrepreneurs and in field workers are similar, a correlation you probably never made before.

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