GoServicePro Dispatching Software: 5 Ways We Make Dispatching Easier

GoServicePro Dispatching Software

In GoServicePro, there are 5 ways to dispatch a field technician. The choices range from manual to automatic in both the assignment of a technician and the arrival time.

Dispatch Types

Here’s how the 5 different dispatch types break down:

  • Manual Lookup – manually choose a technician, but the time is chosen automatically
  • Dispatch Advisor – manually choose from the top 10 system-recommended technicians, but the time is chosen automatically
  • Auto Assign – the best technician and time is chosen automatically by the system
  • Dispatch Board – the technician is manually chosen and to a specific time of your choice
  • Availability Matrix – the technician is chosen automatically, but you choose the time they arrive

Here’s a graph to help explain which dispatch type is best for your field service company to use:

Manually Choose Technician Automatically Choose Technician
Automatically Choose Time Manual Lookup Dispatch Advisor Auto Assign
Manually Choose Time Dispatch Board Availability Matrix

Why Do We Have 5 Ways to Dispatch Field Service Workers?

Different companies have different needs. Some field service companies have hundreds of field techs and they need a lot of automation to help them run their business. Other companies want finer level of control and want to manually schedule every person. GoServicePro’s dispatching software has the power to fit your business the way you work.


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