Billing in the Field with GoServicePro Dispatching Software

GoServicePro Dispatching Software

As technology makes advances, business practices are able to grow and become more efficient. While GoServicePro dispatching software offers many features the streamline your business, one option quickly becoming popular is our ability have field technicians collect payment in the field.

Mobile Invoice 1

Invoices in the Field

GoServicePro allows for techs to log time, expenses, and much more. Those that are billable get saved in the Billing section of the mobile app, which can then populate as line items inside of the quote or invoice. Field techs are able to generate invoices out in the field once they are done logging all of their billable items, all they need is an internet or cellular connection. If something else comes up and they need to add additional line items, they are also able to refresh the quotes and invoices to reflect these changes.

Mobile Invoice 2

Credit Card Processing

Once the customer agrees to pay the invoice, the field tech simply selects the Billing option and then chooses which kind of payment they will be collecting from the customer. Traditional forms of payment such as cash or check can be collected and logged, or field techs can collect credit cards as well! With the help of a credit card reader that plugs in to the phone or tablet, our partners are able to process the credit cards for your company while the field techs are out in the field!

Mobile Invoice 3

Streamline your Business!

GoServicePro offers the option to generate quotes and invoices both in the back office as well as out in the field! With the help of a credit card scanner that easily plugs in to your phone or tablet, they can quickly process credit cards and move on to the next job, making your company more money.

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