GoServicePro HVAC Solution

GoServicePro HVAC Solution GoServicePro HVAC Solution is a great way to manage all of your field service needs. GoServicePro is a field service management program that helps your HVAC business save time and money. Features GoServicePro offers several features that have mass appeal across all those involved in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning industries. These include: - Part Orders - Inventory Management - Dispatch Board - Advanced Dispatching Options - Mobile Application - Invoicing - And much more! Moving Forward Would you like to learn more? Please visit https://goservicepro.com/demo/ to request a live demonstration of the software, or watch a quick demo at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mGFQJkB3Pew We would be happy to give you a live demonstration of our product, and show you how GoServicePro is the ideal field service management system for your business! … [Read more...]

Decrease Field Techs Time on a Job

GoServicePro Online Dispatching Software Your field techs are the core of your business. At the end of the day, they are the ones that help bring in money and accomplish difficult work. The more jobs they can do in a day means more money the company can generate. We have geared the mobile application version of our online dispatching software to accomplish just that. Logging Time GoServicePro's mobile application makes it so that your field techs can not move forward with their job tickets until the log various time stamps. This is quickly accomplished by just tapping on a button, such as "Work Start", which automatically pulls the current date and time. This allows your techs to have a fast and easy way to keep track of their time spent on the job without having to consult a watch or stop to write something down. Logging Expenses Expenses and parts are very simple to log in GoServicePro. Inside of the menu, techs can select what it is that they wish to log, any quantities or … [Read more...]

Opportunity Management

Opportunity 3

GoServicePro's dispatching software also gives your sales team the option to keep track of Leads and Opportunities. On a previous blog post we discussed Leads, which are the first stage for new customers. A Lead is a potential customer that you have had minimal contact with and have only basic information on. Perhaps this is a business card or a brief introduction at a trade show. ¬†An Opportunity is a Lead that has been given a demo, quote, or sales pitch. Opportunity Data All of the information from the Lead is brought over when the Lead is promoted to an Opportunity. In addition to the data that is being brought over by the Lead, we are able to log the sales process being used, probability of closing the sale, and where we are getting the Lead from. SWOT Something vital to every sales team is the ability to keep track of their SWOT analysis. SWOT allows us to keep track of an Opportunities, Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. This allows your team to … [Read more...]

Lead Management

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GoServicePro Dispatching Software One of GoServicePro's Enterprise level features (which can also be bought as an add-on to the Professional Package) is the Sales Workspace. Our dispatching software's Sales Workspace is broken down into Leads and Opportunities which allows your company to have the maximum amount of logging options. Today we are going to focus on the Leads section. Lead Data We are able to collect many points of data on Leads such as their contact information, how we acquired the Lead, and the site location. Very few points of data are required in order to be saved and as you learn more information about the Lead, we can come back later and update their information. Additional fields can be added to keep track of specific points of data, and drop downs can be configured to better suit your individual business. Logging Activities¬† We can log multiple points of data associated with our Leads. Notes can be logged to keep track of data gathered while out … [Read more...]

Inventory Management

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GoServicePro Dispatching Software Many companies either don't manage their inventory, or they keep track of them in complicated excel spreadsheets. Some field service management software need an additional inventory system purchased alongside them, many without having a way to connect the two. GoServicePro dispatching software has risen above this problem that other programs suffer from by having an inventory management system right inside of our product! Inventory Locations Field techs are assigned truck locations which can be shared between multiple technicians. This will be tied with what they are actually carrying on their truck. Each truck location can be tied to a warehouse, which is where they pick up their parts. Each truck is then broken down into at least three bins: Good, Bad, and Missing. Additional bins can be added for company needs as well. Adjusting Quantity The Good and Bad balance on hand can be found on the right hand side of the inventory … [Read more...]

Customer Portal

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GoServicePro Online Dispatch Software GoServicePro dispatching software allows for your customers to create jobs just from their home computer! Our Customer Portal allows your customers to quickly request work orders while freeing up time for your back office. Customer Portal The Customer Portal can be accessed either on our website or your company's, the code of which we provide to easily be put in. Customer can be given a username or just use their email to login, as well as with a password. Customer passwords and usernames are simple to setup on the Contact screen inside GoServicePro. Features On the left hand side of the login page is a quick access menu. Customers can view and update their account information, which includes their address, phone number, and other contact details. They can also create new or view old cases. They are able to see current updates to these jobs and how the field techs are working on them from this section. Creating New … [Read more...]

Previous Customer Data when Creating Cases

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GoServicePro Online Dispatch Software When creating new work orders it can be extremely helpful to view previous customer data. Imagine being able to see a list of all the customer's site assets, contracts, and previous jobs. When you choose GoServicePro online dispatch software, this becomes a reality! Contact Information When a customer calls in we are able to search through our database of customers and see if they have requested your services before. We are able to search through any of the fields up at the top including their name, site address, or part number. For customers that have multiple site locations, these will also be listed down at the bottom to allow you to choose which location is the correct one for this job. Once you have the customer and site you want, simply double click on it and all of the information will be saved to the case. If we'd like to see more data on either the customer or the site, we can click on the blue hyperlinks. Site Assets Once … [Read more...]

Billing in the Field with GoServicePro Dispatching Software

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GoServicePro Dispatching Software As technology makes advances, business practices are able to grow and become more efficient. While GoServicePro dispatching software offers many features the streamline your business, one option quickly becoming popular is our ability have field technicians collect payment in the field. Invoices in the Field GoServicePro allows for techs to log time, expenses, and much more. Those that are billable get saved in the Billing section of the mobile app, which can then populate as line items inside of the quote or invoice. Field techs are able to generate invoices out in the field once they are done logging all of their billable items, all they need is an internet or cellular connection. If something else comes up and they need to add additional line items, they are also able to refresh the quotes and invoices to reflect these changes. Credit Card Processing Once the customer agrees to pay the invoice, the field tech simply selects the … [Read more...]

Site Assets with GoServicePro Dispatching Software

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GoServicePro Dispatching Software Keeping track of parts installed at a site can be a complicated and frustrating task. GoServicePro's dispatching software strives to alleviate these issues by storing all of your site assets at the customer site level. Never again feel like you will lose important data concerning installed items! Site Asset Lookup Site assets (parts that are installed at a customer site) can be viewed by selecting the site you want to view or visit. On the case creation screen, once a customer site is selected a list of all the parts installed at that site become available. This includes the part number, description, serial number, quantity, when the part was installed, and more! Now when a customer calls in and says they are having issues with a particular piece of equipment, you can know exactly which item it is that needs to be worked on. Site Asset Information This information can also be viewed by looking at the site data inside of the system. Here, … [Read more...]

Property Management CRM Software

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GoServicePro is a property management CRM for property managers who manage more than one property or who have one or more tenants. Manage Maintenance Requests Manage maintenance requests via a tenant maintenance portal embedded on your website. Our Customer Portal provides your tenants with the ability to submit their own maintenance requests. Enabling tenant self-service reduces the number of calls to your office by allowing them to create new cases, view case and work order status, and manage site, site asset and contact information. Embed the tenant maintenance request system on your site. Our customer portal is designed to seamlessly integrate with your corporate website. There is no software to install and it's easy to learn. Manage Property Locations and Tenant Contact Information Manage property locations and tenant contact information along with maintenance history. In GoServicePro, we can store information about all of the sites and contacts - including 'what's … [Read more...]