Online Dispatch Software from the Field Using Microsoft Surface Pro

Microsoft Surface Pro

GoServicePro Online Dispatch Software While our field service mobile app can currently only work with work orders, it is still possible to manage your business from a mobile device by using the Microsoft Surface Pro tablet. Unlike tablets that run Android and iOS, the Microsoft Surface Pro tablet runs Windows, which means you can login to the website just like you could be from a computer at your office. With a Microsoft Surface Pro you can dispatch from the field, enter sales data, run reports, check on the location of your technicians, and everything else you need to manage your business. Don't have a Microsoft Surface Pro? You can still do Sales from our mobile app by dispatching Opportunities as work orders. Once on the mobile app, you can use GoServicePro's online dispatch software to create quotes in the field. … [Read more...]

Field Service Software: A Smart Investment

Dispatching Software Field Service Management Software, like GoServicePro, can bring a significant edge to your business over the competition. GoServicePro's dispatching software allows you to have a total view of your business by dispatching techs, tracking inventories, generating the reports you need, and so much more. Scheduling and Dispatching are made simple by an easy to use and understand interface. When a work order is assigned to a tech the system automatically generates a route including all of the other work orders assigned to that tech. Another key benefit is that a tech in the field can stay in the field. There is no need for them to return to the office to pick up additional work orders. Not only work orders are kept within the system but also your invoices, photos, and the inventories of your truck and your warehouses.Since all this information kept digitally you eliminate the costliness of paper and ink at the same time as never losing another vital piece of … [Read more...]

Reroute Traffic on Mobile

Google Maps Reroute Traffic

GoServicePro Dispatch Software GoServicePro's dispatch software mobile app uses Google Maps to help guide field service technicians to their service calls. But what happens whenever a technician encounters bad traffic? Google Maps integrates traffic information into the app automatically. When traffic gets too heavy, it will automatically suggest other traffic routes to save technician's time. In this way, using GoServicePro's dispatching software integrates with Google Maps apps on your iOS or Android device, bringing the best of field service management and navigation and directions. … [Read more...]

GoServicePro Dispatch Software Can Help with Marketing

GoServicePro Marketing Export

GoServicePro Dispatch Software Have you ever wanted to do a targeted marketing campaign based on a geographical area? GoServicePro's dispatch software makes it easy. Contact and site data can easily be filtered and exported to be used in paper mailing or email marketing campaigns. Customers in GoServicePro's dispatch software are a combination of a Site location and a Contact. Contacts are associated with sites. How to Create a List of Customers by Zip Code To create a list of customers by zip code, simply type the zip code in the top search box. It will sort automatically. Now all you have to do is click the green 'Excel' export button and a copy of the data will be downloaded for use in paper mailings. You can use this same method to sort by any field. For example you could create a list by city, state, or category. How to Create a List of Customers Email To export customer's emails, you'll use a similar method, but instead of going to Sites, you'll view … [Read more...]

ROI Reports

ROI Reports

GoServicePro Dispatch Software Does GoServicePro do any profit tracking as far as per call? So management can get a report of profit by truck or by client? We can do that through Reports, which is under the "Service Reports" area in the left, accordion menu. You can also make new reports on-the-fly and save them for recurring use. We can also help create reports, if needed, during the implementation process. How does the reporting system work? GoServicePro's dispatching software also includes a sophisticated drag and drop reporting system. All data is shown in a user friendly interface for management reporting. Reports are secured by role and are shareable. Create your own custom reports and save them for later execution. What if I want advanced Reporting and Analytics? GoServicePro dispatch software has a Reporting Advisor™ tool that provides powerful, dynamic, actionable information that enables service organizations to monitor critical business processes and … [Read more...]

GoServicePro Dispatch Software Create Invoices

How to Create Invoices and Quotes

GoServicePro Dispatch Software We often get questions from field service companies about how invoices and quotes work while doing a product demo. In this post we'll answer some questions about how to create invoices and quotes in both places. How to present a repair estimate and work up numbers or when finished completing an invoice and emailing to client? Clicking the Billing item in the left Details menu of the Case. For a quote, first create a Task add in your Manual Items. Manual Items can be time, parts, or fees. Either way, when ready, go back to Billing and click "Create Quote" or "Create Invoice" buttons to create either, respectively. When a work order is completed, is it converted to an invoice? An invoice can be generated from a work order using the app or from a case using the web interface. This can happen manually or be set to happen automatically. The app requires Internet connectivity to create invoices and quotes. Can an invoice be emailed directly to the … [Read more...]

How to Create a New Case in GoServicePro

Creating a New Case

GoServicePro Online Dispatch Software One question we often hear from new users of our field service management software is, "How do we create a new case?" This is something we cover during our product demos and we go over more detail in our implementation guide. How to create a new case in GoServicePro? When your company gets a new phone call, email, or other type of service request, a new Case is created. A case contains information about the problem or issue the customer is having. Cases are associated with a contact and a customer site, but it's also an opportunity to denote what installed part may need worked on, review previous cases, and assign billing information. Once a case is created, subsequent work orders can be created and dispatched using a number of GoServicePro's dispatching software tools. What is the difference between cases and work orders? Cases hold work orders, which are created when technicians need to go onsite. Each technician needs their own … [Read more...]

Capture Signatures in the Field


GoServicePro Online Dispatch Software After hours of working on site you have completed the work, it is now time to communicate your results to your client. With GoServicePro's online dispatch software you navigate with ease and show your client the notes, activities, and even a few pictures that really emphasize the quality of your hard work. The client is excited to be reassured that everything is in working order. Over the years, in business a signature has been not only a method of identification but one of acceptance and authentication. As we move towards a greener, paperless environment a method of signature capture that retains those qualities is still needed. The first methods of electronic signature capture were largely based on typing in the name and clicking the authorization button. This is a valid and accepted method but capturing a handwritten signature is even better at being a method of identification, acceptance, and authentication. Luckily the prevalence of mobile … [Read more...]

How a Dispatcher Would Use GoServicePro’s Dispatching Software


  The calls have come in. The cases and work orders have been created. It is now time to schedule those work orders and get them to the field technicians that can get the job done.  GoServicePro’s dispatching software is a powerful way to handle all of this. The Dispatch Board has three key areas the Gantt chart, Needs Assignment Window, and the Map. The Gantt chart allows you to see available techs and their jobs that are currently assigned. Hovering over the scheduled job will give you a tooltip that gives you a quick look at the work order that is assigned. A red line runs through the chart to let you track the current time easily. You can toggle the chart to show you several days or just one making it easy to schedule your work order. The Needs Assignment Window along the bottom contains the work orders that are ready to be assigned to your Field Engineers. To do this you can simply click and drag the work order along the Gantt chart’s timeline and then drop it on … [Read more...]

What is a Security Role?

security roles

Your company has a lot of data and you need to protect and access this information. A Security Role can be used to restrict access to resources for a particular user.   Using the Security Roles approach you can quickly manage who can see what resources through predefined groups. You may have a manager with access to everything but want your field technicians to only see the jobs they are assigned. The Security Roles approach and GoServicePro can make this quick and easy. "GoServicePro uses three standard roles to get you started, while adding additional business-specific ones to your company is simple and easy. The three roles were currently have are: Manager, Dispatcher, and Field Technician." Manage – Access to all parts of the GoServicePro software. View and Edit to keep your business moving forward Dispatch – Access to the Dispatch board and the ability to assign work orders to Field Technicians Field Technicians – Access to only the information they need to get the job … [Read more...]