Part Orders in GoServicePro


GoServicePro Online Dispatch Software Parts can be the life blood of field service businesses of all sizes. Whether it is installing or repairing, everyone needs parts. GoServicePro's dispatching software recognizes this need and we have developed an in depth and efficient Part Order system. Part Orders In GoServicePro, Part Orders are used to keep track of the movement of a part as well as give general information on which part it is. Part Orders show us whether parts are being added, reserved, picked, shipped, or received. Reserving and Picking For big warehouses, parts can be reserved. This way if a worker or forklift is on one side of the warehouse and the part he needs is on the other, he can reserve the part before he heads over. This guarantees that the part will be there when he arrives and that no other worker will take it before hand. Picking lets the the person who ordered the part know that someone has picked the part, and allows the picker to keep track of … [Read more...]

GoServicePro Dispatching Software: 5 Ways We Make Dispatching Easier

Dispatch Types

GoServicePro Dispatching Software In GoServicePro, there are 5 ways to dispatch a field technician. The choices range from manual to automatic in both the assignment of a technician and the arrival time. Here's how the 5 different dispatch types break down: Manual Lookup - manually choose a technician, but the time is chosen automatically Dispatch Advisor - manually choose from the top 10 system-recommended technicians, but the time is chosen automatically Auto Assign - the best technician and time is chosen automatically by the system Dispatch Board - the technician is manually chosen and to a specific time of your choice Availability Matrix - the technician is chosen automatically, but you choose the time they arrive Here's a graph to help explain which dispatch type is best for your field service company to use: Manually Choose Technician Automatically Choose Technician Automatically Choose Time Manual Lookup Dispatch Advisor Auto … [Read more...]

Quotes in the Field


GoServicePro Online Dispatch Software One of the most important parts of the business transaction is showing your customer a quote for the work to be done. This has historically been something that requires a pen, paper, and a calculator. But when you go with GoServicePro online dispatch software, all you need is your mobile device! Customer Information With our customizable PDFs, your client's information is automatically transferred over onto the quote. There is no need for your tech to have to look up or ask the client for any details, as everything is quickly just carried over! Part's List Have a list of your parts included inside the PDF drop down lists. This allows your field technicians to save time by simply scrolling to the part, selecting it, and inputting a quantity. The price of each part can be automatically saved to GoServicePro, and all of the math involved will be done by our program. Never worry about your techs forgetting a price or forgetting to add a … [Read more...]

How a Call Agent Uses GoServicePro to Help Customers

Previous Cases

Call agents love GoServicePro because it makes their work so much easier. When a call comes in they can quickly create a new case, check existing cases, or answer a question for a customer. Here's how a call agent typically uses GoServicePro to help a customer: "When a call comes in, the first thing I do is click on 'New Case'. That brings up a window where I can input information from the customer about their location and what issues they are having. After I enter their information, I can quickly browse prior cases." … [Read more...]

Multiple Site Addresses for Physical, Billing, and Shipping

Multiple Site Addresses for Physical, Billing, and Shipping

Employees may occasionally need different location information about your customers. A field service technician may need the physical address, an accounts receivable specialist may need the billing address, and the parts warehouse may need the shipping address. This is where the use for multiple site addresses comes into place. … [Read more...]

How GoServicePro Can Help with Reverse Logistics

Reverse Logistics

Up to 7% of an enterprise's gross sales are captured by reverse logistics. This is according to a 2005 article in Forbes by Robert Malone titled, "Reverse side of logistics: The business of returns". What if there was a way to help manage the reverse logistics process at your organization to help reduce that cost? … [Read more...]

How to Make a Work Order


When your field technicians go out to a job, they are following a Work Order. At GoServicePro we know that creating a work order is the foundation for dispatching in a Field Service Management company, so we make it very easy to use! In GoServicePro's dispatching software, Work Orders (along with Subcases and Part Orders) are part of a Case. A Work Order can't exist on its own, and must be closed before the Case is closed. A Case may have multiple Work Orders for multiple workers. For example, if a problem requires three techs to fix it, three separate Work Orders would be created under the same Case. … [Read more...]

Data Entry Made Easy with PDF Functionality in GoServicePro


Have you ever wondered if there was a way to put your company's forms into a program that allows for quick data entry? Here at GoServicePro, one of the many features that we are excited about with our program is our personalized and easy to use PDF Forms. When you sign up for GoServicePro's dispatching software, we take any form your business has been using - from logging general information and notes to quotes for your clients - and we turn them into interactable PDFs in our program. … [Read more...]

Cases in GoServicePro


Have you ever worked on finding all of the papers at the end of a job? The people sent out to work on it, all the tasks completed, all the billing and invoices, all the logged data, and the list goes on and on? With GoServicePro, you never have to worry about that confusing mess again! … [Read more...]