How a Call Agent Uses GoServicePro to Help Customers

Call agents love GoServicePro because it makes their work so much easier.

When a call comes in they can quickly create a new case, check existing cases, or answer a question for a customer. Here’s how a call agent typically uses GoServicePro to help a customer:

“When a call comes in, the first thing I do is click on ‘New Case’. That brings up a window where I can input information from the customer about their location and what issues they are having. After I enter their information, I can quickly browse prior cases.”

Previous Cases

“If the problem is related to a previous case, I can either reopen an existing case or try to help the customer over the phone. If it’s a new problem or one that needs to be handled by another technician, I can create a new case with just a few clicks.”

New Case

Once a new case is created, depending on how you use GoServicePro’s dispatching software to manage field service, the call agent or dispatcher can assign a technician to the case via a Work Order or continue to work the case via a Subcase or Part Order based on the issue type.


How a Call Agent Uses GoServicePro | Helping Customers

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