Cases in GoServicePro

Have you ever worked on finding all of the papers at the end of a job?

The people sent out to work on it, all the tasks completed, all the billing and invoices, all the logged data, and the list goes on and on?

With GoServicePro, you never have to worry about that confusing mess again!

Our program compiles all of the information you could ever need on a job through the use of a Case. We like to think of a Case as a briefcase: it holds all of your important papers as you travel to a work site. The Work Orders are seen as the different people that carry the briefcase as they go out into the field. Let’s take a look at the life of a Case from the second the customer makes contact followed by when it’s closed!

Contact is Made

A customer calls your company. Your call agent immediately opens a new case. It’s Mr. Baggins, who works with JNimble Residence.  The call agent clicks on the various tabs on the right side of the screen in order to fill in the information on the left side. Mr. Baggins’ microscope is malfunctioning, and he needs someone to come out and fix it today.


Once the call agent has filled in all of the information, they can select Save and Assign FE, and Availability Matrix. The customer and the agent calling then negotiate on a time window. In this example, they agree on 4pm – 6pm.


Work is in Progress

The case and work order is then assigned to an employee, who will get a notification on their Android or Apple mobile device.

The field technician has the option to add tasks as a check list to be completed when fixing the microscope. They can also log a variety of activities, such as time, expenses, or parts. Everything that is done on Work Orders are also kept in their respective Case, so all of the information is easy to review later.



For the case of Mr. Baggins’ malfunctioning microscope, the field tech logs some notes about why the microscope might have malfunctioned, as well as logging the time and expense it took to fix it.

Job Complete

Once the Work Order is completed, it is closed. The invoices and billing takes place, and then the Case is closed. Mr. Baggins’ day has been saved in a quick manner thanks to your field tech!reopen

This closed Case can be reopened or viewed later, and you can find all of the information gathered and logged for this particular job.


GoServicePro keeps all of the information of a specific job in one object: a Case. When you choose GoServicePro, gone are the sleepless nights of wondering if you have all the information possible. You can finally rest assured, knowing that your Case contains all the information you could ever dream of.


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