Clear and Efficient Organizational Hierarchy

Here at GoServicePro, we understand how important Organizational Hierarchy is. Whether you are a small company, a large one, or somewhere in between, you have some level of hierarchy and a desire to grow. With GoServicePro, adding to and viewing an Organizational Hierarchy has never been easier and more efficient.

GoServicePro breaks down Organizational Hierarchy into three levels: business_hierarchy

  • Region
  • District
  • Office

These levels and sites can quickly be accessed through the My Work and Administration workspaces. They are displayed in a user friendly tree in My Organization, as shown in the image to the right. This allows users to not be stuck thinking of the company’s Hierarchy as some arcane collection of offices that are loosely connected, but instead visually see which offices report to which districts, and which districts fall under which regions.

Added sites can have a wide array of information assigned to them. Users can see a site’s address and its corresponding geocode address. Sites can show their individual business hours, their category (whether internal, customer, etc.), their phone and fax numbers, and much more.  There are even tabs to see which contacts and employees are connected to the individual site, allowing you to better assist your customers.


What if I want even more information, you may ask? We’ve got you covered there too! In our ribbon above the various tabs, we have additional information options that will help your company become more efficient.

The Service Information option shows us what cases, work orders, and part orders are connected to a particular office. We even supply a handy gantt view to graphically show you how quickly customers are being helped, and which customers they are.

The Sales Information option shows us what leads, tasks, and opportunities are available at that particular office. This is a perfect way to manage your sales reps and see how successful regions, districts, and offices are at closing their leads.

GoServicePro is here to supply all of your Field Service needs. Instead of wasting time creating confusing or cluttered company hierarchy structures, allow our program to take care of it all in an easy and visual way that will lead your company to becoming more efficient.

Clear and Efficient Organizational Hierarchy | GoServicePro

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