Customer Portal

GoServicePro Online Dispatch Software

GoServicePro dispatching software allows for your customers to create jobs just from their home computer! Our Customer Portal allows your customers to quickly request work orders while freeing up time for your back office.

Customer Portal

The Customer Portal can be accessed either on our website or your company’s, the code of which we provide to easily be put in. Customer can be given a username or just use their email to login, as well as with a password. Customer passwords and usernames are simple to setup on the Contact screen inside GoServicePro.

Customer Portal 1


On the left hand side of the login page is a quick access menu. Customers can view and update their account information, which includes their address, phone number, and other contact details. They can also create new or view old cases. They are able to see current updates to these jobs and how the field techs are working on them from this section.

Customer Portal 2

Creating New Cases

One of the main features from the customer’s point of view is the ability to create new cases on their own. This section is very similar to the way we setup cases in the back office. This section, along with the rest of the customer portal, is able to be customized as well.

Customer Portal 3

GoServicePro’s Customer Portal allows for your customers to bypass calling in or emailing every time they have a problem, which ultimately saves your dispatchers time as well!

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