Data Entry Made Easy with PDF Functionality in GoServicePro

Have you ever wondered if there was a way to put your company’s forms into a program that allows for quick data entry?

Here at GoServicePro, one of the many features that we are excited about with our program is our personalized and easy to use PDF Forms.

When you sign up for GoServicePro’s dispatching software, we take any form your business has been using – from logging general information and notes to quotes for your clients – and we turn them into interactable PDFs in our program.

Interactable PDFs


After the form template is created, it can start being accessed by your users. Areas that you want them to write in, such as a notes section, will have editable fields, while areas that have only a select few options, such as choosing a part from a catalog, can include drop down options. As information is filled in, our PDFs can automatically calculate additional data.

For instance, if your field agent replaced a busted wheel, they could select “wheel” from a drop down box, put in a quantity of 1, and the price would automatically be filled in. As they add more and more items, the total is calculated along with the tax, saving your employees from having to take time and look up what each individual part would cost.

Form ActionsForm_Options

When viewing forms in GoServicePro, there are several actions for you and your users to take. Adding, deleting, and opening forms is as easy as clicking a button. There are additional options such as viewing form properties, which allows the user to view and edit the form template, the name, and description.

When you are done inputting all of the necessary PDF information or data, you can easily flatten the form. This makes the individual PDF read only, assuring you that quantities and prices won’t accidentally be changed later by another user or customer. There is even the option to send the PDF to a client through email from inside of the program, logging the information automatically into the Case.

GoServicePro has all you could ever want out of a Field Service Management tool, including the use of specialized PDF forms that make data entry so easy. Witness how quickly your field technicians are able to make quotes for customers, and how quickly customer satisfaction and business efficiency shoot through the roof!

Data Entry Made Easy | PDF Functionality | GoServicePro

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