Decrease Field Techs Time on a Job

GoServicePro Online Dispatching Software

Your field techs are the core of your business. At the end of the day, they are the ones that help bring in money and accomplish difficult work. The more jobs they can do in a day means more money the company can generate. We have geared the mobile application version of our online dispatching software to accomplish just that.
Part Domains in Mobile App

Logging Time

GoServicePro’s mobile application makes it so that your field techs can not move forward with their job tickets until the log various time stamps. This is quickly accomplished by just tapping on a button, such as “Work Start”, which automatically pulls the current date and time. This allows your techs to have a fast and easy way to keep track of their time spent on the job without having to consult a watch or stop to write something down.

Logging Expenses

Expenses and parts are very simple to log in GoServicePro. Inside of the menu, techs can select what it is that they wish to log, any quantities or times associated with them, as well as a price. When installing or using a specific part that has prices associated with it already, there is even less work the field techs have to do. All of these get saved locally on the device, and are then pushed back to the cloud once they are in an area with service or WiFi.


Once field techs are done logging all of their expenses, parts used, and time, they are able to generate invoices right out in the field. All they need to do is click on a box called “Generate Invoice”, and after a couple of seconds they can present the customer with the overall total price. From there they can even collect payment through a credit card reader!

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