Preventative Maintenance

GoServicePro Dispatching Software

Many field service companies have recurring jobs for certain clients or installs. The field tech goes to the site, does the work, and then makes a note to come back out in a month, three months, or a year. Papers get lost, field techs quit, and Preventative Maintenance goes undone. “If only there was a way to automate this process!” cries the hard working  field service manager as he shakes his fist to the heavens. “There must be a better way!!”

I’m here to tell you: there is a better way. And that better way is choosing GoServicePro’s dispatching software.

Service Contracts


GoServicePro uses Service Contracts for setting up Preventative Maintenance. These contracts allow for you to set prices for your customers, whether that be per part or site. This allows you and your client to know exactly what they are paying for before the job has even begun. This also gives you the opportunity to give discounts to certain customers while still having a standard cost on all of the rest.

Preventative Maintenance

Dispatching Software

Set up Preventative Maintenance! Create automated Work Orders for every time that you PM_2 will need to go back to the site in the future, and auto assign your technician so that your dispatchers never have to touch the Work Order. Create Work Order Templates to speed up the process and better specify exactly what the field tech will be doing, where all of the information will be automatically loaded into the new Work Order. Even create Recurring jobs!

These jobs can be setup on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. You also skip particular months, and choose which days you want them created. Through automation rules, we can notify customers through emails or text message that their PM is about to occur.

Here at GoServicePro, we know how important Preventative Maintenance is to our customers. Never again will you have to worry about future jobs not being scheduled correctly or being misplaced.

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