GoServicePro Dispatching Software: Price Books

GoServicePro Dispatching Software

Many field service programs that are geared towards small and medium sized businesses tend to lack in their billing features. They may allow you to write in a final price, or have some low level invoicing. Not only do we offer more than just the bare minimum, but we are able to integrate with QuickBooks and Sage. For companies that need a dispatch software that has more than just the bare minimum of billing options, GoServicePro is here for you.

Dispatch Software

Service Offering

Contracts within GoServicePro are handled through the use of Service Offerings. These can be created for each customer, or applied to multiple customers. We are able to apply Service Level Agreements (or SLAs) within these Service Offerings through a combination of Service Items and Service Levels. It is within the Service Offering that we are able to apply a Price Book.

Dispatching Software

Price Books

Price Books within GoServicePro can be used to help setup labor costs, expense markups, and minimum billing settings. Different Price Books tell you how much you will be getting paid for specific jobs, and what you will charge for them in the future. For more information, please visit our video on this material.

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