Employee Management with Field Service Scheduling Software

Employee Tracking with GoServicePro Field Service Scheduling Software

GoServicePro Field Service Scheduling Software allows you to track and manage your clients, sites, and employees, among many other items. Whether you have five employees or five thousand, it is important to know where they are, what they are capable of working on, and what availability they have. With GoServicePro’s field service dispatch software you are able to keep track of all of these and more!


GoServicePro allows you to dispatch your techs in a number of different ways, including a manual lookup, auto assigning, and our dispatch board. Regardless of how a tech was dispatched, we are able to view their individual schedules both on the dispatch board as well as on their “Schedule” screen. This will include any jobs that they have assigned for the day or week, as well as any additional appointments or time off that they have. Any time blocked off will keep additional jobs from being assigned to them.
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Skills and Certifications

Our field service dispatch software allows you to also track your employees skills, certifications, and preferences they have with a particular customer site or piece of equipment. These can be viewed and edited by management and/or the select people the business owner would like to. These factors also come into play with our Auto Assign dispatching which looks at skills, certifications, preferences, travel distance, and availability of schedule.

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