Field Dispatch Software GoServicePro: A Field Engineer’s Guide

Field Dispatch Software: I’m a field engineer.

Field Dispatch Software with GoServicePro: A typical day starts with me reviewing the work orders dispatch has assigned to me. They come in on my company-provided tablet, but I can get them on my mobile device as well.

When I open the GoServicePro app I see a list of work orders scheduled for the day. If I haven’t already accepted them, I do so. This lets the dispatcher know I’ve accepted the work order.

Mobile Field Service App

From this screen I can log my time, manage parts, review notes, and get a map to the location. This allows me to work as if I’m sitting at my desk at work, even though I’m remote. Who ever thought field engineers could be remote?

Throughout the day, new work orders download into the app and I work directly from the app. If I get to an area where there is no cell service or I am out of WiFi range, the information is still there and I can keep working.

Field Dispatch Software

One of the neatest things is how customer quotes are created and auto-filled right in the app. This saves me from having to manually write out all of the information for the customer. My managers can choose to let me see the pricing of various line items and parts, or they can just have the field dispatch software show us the total amount.

When I’m done with a work order, I ask the customer for a signature, and they sign right on the tablet inside the app. I record my time, notes, and mark the order as complete. It’s easy. Thanks to GoServicePro’s dispatching software, field service management is becoming more simple for the job of a field engineer.

Customer Signature in Mobile App

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