GoServicePro Field Scheduling Software: Chart View

Field Scheduling Software: Chart View

GoServicePro Field Scheduling Software gives you the option on not only how you want to dispatch your techs, but how you want to see that schedule. While our dispatch board allows you to see a map and Gantt view of where your techs are and what days they are scheduled, we have recently created an addition chart view that we call: FESchedules.

Field Scheduling Software


FESchedule shows you a chart layout of all your FEs (or Field Engineers) with specific information such as the time they are scheduled, the site location, and the category code associated with the job. We can filter the date range to show today, this week, and this month, so that we can see who all is available at a quick view, and which techs are busiest on which days. The information displayed inside of the day chart is configurable, and we can display a wide range of information depending on what it is you are looking for. After checking the FESchedule view, you can go in and open up that particular Work Order and schedule it from the dispatch board, manual lookup, or dispatch advisor!

fe schedule 2


GoServicePro offers you a multitude of ways to see your tech’s schedules. Whether it’s through an individual tech’s schedule, the dispatch board, or our chart view, you will be able to see when and where techs will be going. These tools allow you to make better judgement calls for which techs will be assigned for the ideal job. For more information related to our pricing and to request a free demonstration of our software, please visit our Products Page!

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