GoServicePro Dispatch Software

Dispatch Software

GoServicePro Dispatch Software gives the power of cloud computing to your techs, in an easy to understand way. Our mobile application provides all the direction they need to receive, work on, and close out their jobs. We even work for all Apple and Android mobile devices!

Dispatch Software

Receiving Jobs and Logging Time

When the back office dispatches a job to a tech out in the field, their mobile device will receive a notification showing a new job has been assigned. Along the left hand side they will find a schedule showing the various jobs they have assigned and on what days. When the job is selected they are able to see the address and customer information, and can even select the blue arrow to bring up Google Navigate for up to date directions. The wizard bar at the top lets your tech know what timestamp needs to be logged next, and all they have to do is select the button. From there they are able to begin work!


Forms and Configurations

As the techs begin working, they have multiple options of how to log their work being complete. The wizard bar at the top will now show multiple different logging options such as notes and activities, and the menu in the top right corner offers the ability to install parts, log additional time, and more. Pictures can be taken of the work being done, along with generating invoices and collecting payment in the field. We even are able to create intelligent forms that allow your techs to click on check boxes, enter in details such as serial numbers, and even collect signatures. These are great to print out in the field to hand to customers or be emailed, and will be saved to the cloud so you have quick access to them in the future!

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