GoServicePro Field Service Software – Consolidated Invoicing

GoServicePro Field Service Software

GoServicePro Field Service Software can help you with not just all of your scheduling needs, but some invoicing and quoting options as well! Not only are we able to generate invoices inside of our program, but we are able to integrate with several accounting software packages, such as QuickBooks.

Field Service Software


GoServicePro allows you to keep track of expenses, parts used, price schedules, and much more. When these are done on a particular project or case, you are able to roll up all of the invoice data from the different work orders into one invoice. This information can be displayed both out in the field as well as generated in the back office.

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Consolidated Invoicing

Our field service management software allows you to create a scope of invoices to consolidate. When an invoice is marked as consolidated, the options are expanded to allow you to choose from a list of available invoices. From here, we can select the particular invoices we want to add to this consolidation. The amount of each total is then rolled up into the final price. Now we are able to give the customer a single Invoice with a single amount needed to be paid, rather than having multiple smaller amounts billed separately.

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