GoServicePro: What is Dispatch Software?

Dispatch Software

The world is becoming more invested in technology and this can be seen across nearly every industry. The same applies to field service companies, and this is where GoServicePro comes in. GoServicePro is a dispatch software for field service companies that want to no longer misplace jobs, have scheduling conflicts, or have jobs completed without collecting payment.

Dispatch Software Picture

Dispatching Options

GoServicePro’s Dispatch Board allows you to see a Gantt view of your field techs and their schedules, a map with your field techs location, and a Needs Assignment holding area. Something that many of our customers used to struggle with was making sure all of their jobs were assigned out to field techs, and that none slipped through the cracks. With GoServicePro’s Dispatch Board, you’ll never have to worry about that again! Whenever a job is created, it will either be assigned or unassigned. Assigned jobs will appear inside of the Gantt view as a colored box, which can be hovered over to learn more about.


GoServicePro brings you all the benefits of technology while still being easy to use! We have extensive dispatching options, integrations with QuickBooks, and a mobile application that can even work offline! If this sounds interesting to you, sign up for a live demo today!

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