How to Create a New Case in GoServicePro

GoServicePro Online Dispatch Software

One question we often hear from new users of our field service management software is, “How do we create a new case?”

This is something we cover during our product demos and we go over more detail in our implementation guide.

How to create a new case in GoServicePro?

When your company gets a new phone call, email, or other type of service request, a new Case is created. A case contains information about the problem or issue the customer is having.

Cases are associated with a contact and a customer site, but it’s also an opportunity to denote what installed part may need worked on, review previous cases, and assign billing information.

Creating a New Case

Once a case is created, subsequent work orders can be created and dispatched using a number of GoServicePro’s dispatching software tools.

What is the difference between cases and work orders?

Cases hold work orders, which are created when technicians need to go onsite. Each technician needs their own work order, which is assigned to them. This is where they record their time, expenses, and mileage.

Can a case be closed if handled over phone?

Yes. Just log notes or activities right on the case. Need more information about how a dispatcher uses GoServicePro?

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