HVAC Dispatching with GoServicePro

GoServicePro HVAC

GoServicePro offers many features to the HVAC industry, including inventory management, data logging, and cloud-based technology. One of GoServicePro’s core features however is our ability to dispatch jobs to field techs on their mobile device.


Dispatching Options

GoServicePro offers 5 different ways to do dispatching:

1. Dispatch Advisor – This dispatching tool calculates a score for your field techs based off of skill, certifications, travel distance, openness of schedule, and customer preferences. You can then see which field tech would be best for the job, and pick accordingly.

2. Manual Lookup – This gives you a list of all of your HVAC techs and lets you choose who you want to dispatch the job to.

3. Auto Assign – Using the above mentioned attributes (skill, certs, etc.) the best field tech is automatically chosen and sent the job.

4. Availability Matrix – Available times are given that field techs are available. The best field tech available during the selected time slot is the given the job.

5. Dispatch Board – This shows us a Gantt view of our techs and their calendar, a map view, and a needs assignment holding area.


GoServicePro strives to fill all of you field service software needs. We would love to give you a demonstration of our software, and are currently offering the first 30 days free! Please contact us at sales@goservicepro.com

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