Let Intelligent PDFs Reinvent Your Organization

Anything you need, intelligent PDFs will be there for you.

So what can intelligent PDFs do?

Did you know that with intelligent PDFs you can create a customer invoice and accept their payment right then and there?  You don’t even need an actual piece of paper, just an iPad or tablet and you can enter in your customer’s information, as well as the details of the job, and accept their signature on the spot.  No calling it in or causing your customer worry as to who has their sensitive payment information.

Once you accept their payment, the information is available to intelligent pdfyour accounting software within seconds.  Then email or print out a copy of the invoice for their personal records.

In addition to accepting payments, updating invoices, and other time sensitive documents, you can use GoServicePro’s mobile platform to upload pictures and attach them permanently to the intelligent PDF as documented evidence related to the purpose of the form.  Take photos of the environment, clients, damage, or any other necessary information and have it stored safely in the cloud.

The data captured in the Intelligent PDF Forms Advisor is integrated into the GoServicePro database for reporting and use in other areas of the system. Capture usage information to be included on invoices, mail merges, trigger automated events, send reminders, and countless other usages.

Intelligent PDFs can be used for much more than just in the field workers.  You can automate and securely store your training records, compliance records, calibration and quality documentation, certifications, employee awards, and more!  You can access and update any of the intelligent PDFs anywhere you have an Internet connection.

Do you already have forms that your company uses and dread the idea of having to create new ones for you intelligent PDFs?  Don’t worry, with GoServicePro’s PDF Forms Advisor we will take your current business forms and convert them to intelligent PDF forms complete with drop downs, check boxes, text boxes and electronic signatures.

You can also send your forms to third parties for them to review, update, or change information.  You can also specify what information will be allowed for them to edit, this gives you complete control over your documents.

Don’t trust the security of your business to paper files.  Paper can get ripped, spilt on, and lost.  Trust the safety of GoServicePro’s Intelligent PDFs to safely secure your important documents in the cloud.  Start today and say goodbye to unsecured documents or e-files that are stored in too many places.  Keep track of all of your business needs with GoServicePro’s intelligent PDF system.

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