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GoServicePro Dispatching Software

One of GoServicePro’s Enterprise level features (which can also be bought as an add-on to the Professional Package) is the Sales Workspace. Our dispatching software’s Sales Workspace is broken down into Leads and Opportunities which allows your company to have the maximum amount of logging options. Today we are going to focus on the Leads section.

Lead Data

We are able to collect many points of data on Leads such as their contact information, how we acquired the Lead, and the site location. Very few points of data are required in order to be saved and as you learn more information about the Lead, we can come back later and update their information. Additional fields can be added to keep track of specific points of data, and drop downs can be configured to better suit your individual business.

Lead Screen Shot 1

Logging Activities 

We can log multiple points of data associated with our Leads. Notes can be logged to keep track of data gathered while out talking with the lead, or learning more information about their business such as how profitable they may be for your company. Phone calls can be logged which can capture the amount of time the sales team is spending on their calls, as well as log notes of the conversation. Emails can also be sent through GoServicePro, which then saves the emails sent out and received in, and can send attachments plus have signatures. All of these logging options are saved in the Activities section and can be consulted at any time in the future.

Lead Screen Shot 2

Sales Schedule

To better keep track of what your sales team is doing through the day, we can look at our sales schedule. We can view a day, work week, or month view of people’s schedule. We can add multiple types of appointments throughout the calendar with various color coding, which also can be configured.

Lead Screen Shot 3

Leads and Opportunities in GoServicePro dispatching software allow your sales team to keep track of their potential clients from first contact all the way to the close. As the sales team continues to have interactions with the Lead and progresses towards a close, we are able to promote Leads to Opportunities. Learn more about how GoServicePro handles Opportunities in the next blog post!

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