GoServicePro’s Mobile Dispatch App

Mobile Dispatch App

What happens if they work in an area with no service? What happens if their papers accidentally get shuffled around or lost?

At GoServicePro, we recognize the issues and needs of Field Service companies, and have created our Mobile App to include everything your company could desire. This app can be downloaded on any Android or Apple mobile device, such as a smart phone or tablet.

mobile dispatch app

Updated Schedule

Your field technicians have enough to worry about, so we make scheduling easy for them. As new Work Orders are assigned to them, they are automatically placed in the proper order along the left side of the GoServicePro Mobile App. If your techs get to an area with no service there is no issue, as the App automatically updates itself the moment they pass back through an area of service.

Work Order Details

Any detail in GoServicePro on a particular Work Order is accessible to your field techs on the Mobile Application. This includes any contracts that the customer has with the company, what parts need to be replaced, and notes logged by the dispatcher. Any forms filled out by the back office will also be viewable on the mobile device.



As the field tech is looking ahead to the next job, they can view their current location and the customer’s location on a map. They have access to written instructions on how to get there, as well as active navigation in case they need to make a detour. Depending on your companies needs, GPS tracking can even be enabled to track the field tech.


Logging Work Order data is just as easy on the Mobile Application as it is on a desktop or laptop! Simply access the menu on your mobile device, and choose from a list of options on what to log. These include logging time, expenses, and parts. Our PDF Forms are integrated into the Mobile App as well, allowing your techs to get a signature and know exactly what needs to be filled out.


GoServicePro’s Mobile Dispatch App is the ideal tool for all of your field management needs. You never have to worry again about whether your field techs have all of the necessary information, or if they might get lost on the way to a job. Our Mobile App is here to help you save time, your techs from being uninformed, and your business money.

GoServicePro’s Mobile App | Work Orders Made Mobile

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