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Your Employees Aren’t Clones, So Don’t Treat Them The Same!

Your employees aren’t all the same.  Each person is drastically different in all aspects of their lives.  You have some that are single and live it up, you have others that enjoy a nice quiet evening at home with their family.  Some like to go rock climbing and others prefer to sit inside and watch movies.  So why don’t we stop to realize that people’s work ethics might be different

Sure your employees might all be good workers, but that doesn’t mean they all work the same or are motivated by the same things.  How do you keep your employees motivated and up to date on their tasks?

Well there’s a few things you can do.  Get to know your employees or your co-workers.  Create a good office moral that people enjoy being involved in.  It’s amazing to watch how productivity climbs when people enjoy being at work.  So what if you have out of office workers?  Not a problem.  Just because you may not see the individual in an office environment doesn’t mean you can’t create good moral with them.  Many companies outsource information and tasks and have great relationships with those who aren’t in the office.

If you’ve ever had to deal with different companies for tasks think about which ones you enjoyed working with because the staff was friendly, their work was well done, and they were time efficient.  They are better to work with.

So if you have the ability to take your out of office employees out to lunch or send them something special on their birthdays or when they do an astounding job, it helps them be appreciative of the company they work for, and it motivates them to produce good work.  They will want to represent the company well.  And don’t worry it’s easy to remember their birthday or set up a lunch date with them using GoServicePro’s management software.

Is work being done on time?  Yes?  Good, that’s all that is important.  The 9-5 structure of companies can be hard.  Sometimes more than 8 hours of work a day is necessary for a task.  Sometimes all you need is an hour or two and that’s it.  You don’t want employees wasting company time and resources.  So make sure they are acting responsibly and let them do their job.  As long as they know what is needed of them, adults will do their jobs.

Structure is great for employees.  But wait didn’t I just say to let that the 9-5 structure isn’t important?  Sure, but that doesn’t mean that an employee doesn’t need structure.  Things still have deadlines and they still need to put in the work in order to meet that deadline…and that requires organization.

A breakdown of the tasks that need to be done is easy to create with GoServicePro’s management software and it creates a structure that is easy to follow for out of office workers.

Do you have certain employees that excel at tasks that others do not?  Of course you do, because like I said above, everyone is built different.  You probably have several people that all excel in different areas.  This is great!  If you nurture that and allow those people to become experts in that area and build them up by letting them know they are your “go to” person when it comes to that task, it will encourage them.  This is a great way to build moral and it allows the job to be fun.  Everyone enjoys praise.

So just remember, your employees are adults and they will act like adults if you treat them like one.  Create awesome moral with your employees and remember random bits of information about them-plug it right into the GoServicePro system and you’ll never forget their birthday or that they love stuffed panda bears or any other random tid-bit.  Let them know you appreciate them and their work, take the time to take them out to lunch or send them something special.  Set up structure for them, nothing is harder than trying to get work done when you have a million small things and are jumping back and forth between them.  When you’ve got the structure into place, let it be.  They will know what to work on and will get it done without you breathing down their necks.  And last, let the grow in a certain area and help build them up.

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