Multiple Site Addresses for Physical, Billing, and Shipping

Employees may occasionally need different location information about your customers.

A field service technician may need the physical address, an accounts receivable specialist may need the billing address, and the parts warehouse may need the shipping address. This is where the use for multiple site addresses comes into place.

Multiple Site Addresses for Physical, Billing, and Shipping

GoServicePro stores all three different types of location addresses in Sites. This information also allows call agents and dispatchers to search for customer information regardless of which address they provide. Each address is also viewable on a map via integrated BingĀ® Maps.

Integrated Site Location Maps

If BingĀ® can’t find the address automatically, the latitude, longitude, and county information can be entered to precisely locate the customer site. If the information is the same across physical, billing, and shipping – simply check the box to copy the data automatically for multiple site addresses.

Multiple Site Addresses | Easy Locating | GoServicePro

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