New Year, New Job Scheduling Software

New Year, New Job Scheduling Software

GoServicePro Job Scheduling Software is a top of the line dispatching software available at a reasonable price. We provide your back office the ability to create and schedule jobs, your techs to receive and record information on these jobs, and you the ability to invoice the customer. The New Year is the perfect time to start with some new scheduling options! If you haven’t heard much about dispatching software, below are some reasons to seriously consider investing in some, and why you should choose GoServicePro!

Job Scheduling Software

Reasons to Get a Job Scheduling Software

1. Increased Customer Satisfaction: One of the biggest customer complaints when it comes to service companies is the occasional missed or delayed job. When purchasing a Job Scheduling Software, the program takes care of the route planning for you.
2. Mobile: Your techs will receive their work orders on their phone or tablet as long as they are connected to the internet. With Cloud technology, communicating with your techs has never been easier.
3. Going Paperless: All work order information, quotes, and signatures can now be captured on the mobile device. Anything you’d like to give to the customer can still be printed off or emailed to them.
4. Reporting: Run reports looking at any variables being tracked in the system. These reports can include time sheet, employee tracking, and job tracking.


GoServicePro’s Distinctions

1. Exceed Customer Expectations: GoServicePro has multiple options to go above and beyond for your customer. We have a customer portal, where your clients can see what is being worked on and attachments, and can setup automated texting or emailing to notify your customers when they have a tech heading out.
2. Intelligent PDFs: Any forms you currently use that you’d like to continue using can be brought over into GoServicePro. We also program them to be fillable by techs for just a small charge!
3. Mobile App Ease of Use: We know it can be intimidating for service businesses to make the switch and become more software based in their processes, so we’ve designed our mobile app with the non-tech savvy field technician in mind.

So what are you waiting for? Get a jump start on your 2017 New Years resolution to be more profitable and sign up for a live demonstration!

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