Opportunity Management

GoServicePro’s dispatching software also gives your sales team the option to keep track of Leads and Opportunities. On a previous blog post we discussed Leads, which are the first stage for new customers. A Lead is a potential customer that you have had minimal contact with and have only basic information on. Perhaps this is a business card or a brief introduction at a trade show. ¬†An Opportunity is a Lead that has been given a demo, quote, or sales pitch.

Opportunity Data

All of the information from the Lead is brought over when the Lead is promoted to an Opportunity. In addition to the data that is being brought over by the Lead, we are able to log the sales process being used, probability of closing the sale, and where we are getting the Lead from.

Opportunity 1


Something vital to every sales team is the ability to keep track of their SWOT analysis. SWOT allows us to keep track of an Opportunities, Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. This allows your team to see all aspects when determining how to move forward with a particular business, and how likely they are to close the deal.

Opportunity 2

Forecast Items

Forecast Items are parts, pieces of equipment, or services that you believe can be sold to your customer. Here we can list what Forecast Items we believe we can sell to the customer, as well as the quantity, amount to be charged, and probability that the the item will be sold.

Opportunity 3

While GoServicePro helps you manage all of your service needs, we also provide management of your sales process. Through the use of Leads and Opportunities we are able to track where potential customers are along the conversion path as well as keep analytics on customers and how to lose more of them.

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