Previous Customer Data when Creating Cases

GoServicePro Online Dispatch Software

When creating new work orders it can be extremely helpful to view previous customer data. Imagine being able to see a list of all the customer’s site assets, contracts, and previous jobs. When you choose GoServicePro online dispatch software, this becomes a reality!

Contact Information

When a customer calls in we are able to search through our database of customers and see if they have requested your services before. We are able to search through any of the fields up at the top including their name, site address, or part number. For customers that have multiple site locations, these will also be listed down at the bottom to allow you to choose which location is the correct one for this job. Once you have the customer and site you want, simply double click on it and all of the information will be saved to the case. If we’d like to see more data on either the customer or the site, we can click on the blue hyperlinks.

Search 1

Site Assets

Once the location is selected, we are able to see a list of all of the site assets listed at this particular site. Here we are able to see information including the description, serial number, and date it was installed. We can further open up a side panel to view additional information as well as a history of the asset.

Search 2


Entitlement is GoServicePro’s way of saying if something is covered by a contract, guarantee, warranty, or if it is a time & materials payment. For contracts, anything that has a green check mark next to it is covered by a contract, which can include at the site level or any site asset level. We are able to see when the service contracts begin and end, and can see the different service level agreements (SLAs) down below.

Search 3

Previous CasesĀ 

One of the last things we can check once selecting a customer and site location is a list of previous cases or jobs. This lets us see when these jobs were created as well as the title of them. If we’d like to see more information we can select the blue hyperlink associated with the Case ID which will bring up all of the information gathered on the job.

Even with all of these options to search through, our average dispatcher takes approximately 45 – 60 seconds to create a work ticket. With GoServicePro’s database searching power you are able to quickly find all previous customer information!

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