Property Management CRM Software

GoServicePro is a property management CRM for property managers who manage more than one property or who have one or more tenants.

Manage Maintenance Requests

Manage maintenance requests via a tenant maintenance portal embedded on your website. Our Customer Portal provides your tenants with the ability to submit their own maintenance requests.

Enabling tenant self-service reduces the number of calls to your office by allowing them to create new cases, view case and work order status, and manage site, site asset and contact information.
Property Management CRM
Embed the tenant maintenance request system on your site. Our customer portal is designed to seamlessly integrate with your corporate website. There is no software to install and it’s easy to learn.

Manage Property Locations and Tenant Contact Information

Manage property locations and tenant contact information along with maintenance history. In GoServicePro, we can store information about all of the sites and contacts – including ‘what’s installed where’.

If a tenant moves to a new location, simply link them to the new location and save all of the maintenance history associated with that tenant. You can even store attachments like pictures.

Integrate PDF Forms and Checklists

On our mobile app we can integrate PDF forms and checklists to email tenants or store online. If you have an existing PDF or checklist, we can add it so that anyone with the app can access.

Do you do the same type of job over and over? We can make work order templates to simplify the process – and we even have a recurring work order system to help with jobs that repeat over and over.

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