Recurring Jobs with GoServicePro

Recurring Jobs

Recurring jobs and Preventative Maintenance allow you to create jobs for the future with just one easy setup. We can set jobs to generate daily, weekly, monthly, or annually. The GoServicePro Preventative Maintenance module allows you to plan ahead for your company’s future business.

Recurring Job

PMs in Contracts

Inside of the contract associated with the customer, we are able to setup one or multiple recurring work orders. Whenever a new one is automatically created, they will appear under the bolded title for easy of access. Theses jobs can be created using different work order templates, and can even be auto assigned to field techs when created. Not only does GoServicePro auto create these jobs for you, but it can even assign the tech!

Preventative Maintenance

Monthly PMs

GoServicePro lets you create jobs automatically on a daily, weekly, monthly, and annual basis. When selecting the particular preventative maintenance jobs that need recurrence, you are able to select all the way down to the exact days of a specific month for these jobs to be created. Additionally, you can select the window of how long these jobs should be created to insure that preventative maintenance ends when it is supposed to.

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