Reporting with GoServicePro Field Service Software

Reporting with GoServicePro Field Service Software

GoServicePro field service software allows you to keep track of customer and site data, asset history, and work order activities. All of these items and more can be compared to one another over data ranges and other field and filters through the use of our reporting engine. These reports can be viewed inside of our desktop app, and can even be setup to email out to your management team on a weekly or monthly basis!

Report Views

Our reporting allows you to view your data in the following views: Raw Data, Graph, Map, Gantt, Cross-Tab, and Form Reports. Our raw data view allows you to see the data laid out in an excel-like format with columns and rows that are ad-hoc searchable. The graph views allows you to display the data in bar graphs or pie charts with various color schemes. The gantt and map view are specific to if there are time constraints on the graph or physical locations. Cross-tab is similar to the raw data, except it condenses all of the data into two categories. The form reports are configurable to display the data in whatever manner makes the most sense to your particular business, and can automatically email out PDFs to your team.

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Reporting Saved Presets

Our implementation specialists will work with you to find out what already created reports work best for you, and will also setup any additional reports needed. These reports will be saved for quick access in your workspace along the left, which can then be further filtered down based off of the required date range. As your business grows and your reporting needs change, we are able to continue to adjust the presets to better suit what your managers want. GoServicePro is here to help fit not only all of your field service needs, but your reporting and back office needs as well!


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