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GoServicePro Dispatch Scheduling Software

Not all problems require your field techs to go out and fix them. Sometimes, problems can just be fixed over the phone or through email. In GoServicePro, we use Subcases for these situations.

The toilet that wouldn’t flush.

Imagine a scenario where a client calls in, informing you that one of the toilets you installed won’t flush.

A call agent picks up the phone and opens a new Case in GoServicePro’s dispatching software. As they are logging all of the necessary data, they realize this might be a problem for your company’s help desk rather than a field technician. The “Create Work Order” check box is not checked, and the call agent tells the client they will put them in contact with someone who can help them.

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There will be no field technicians going out into the field so there is no reason to add a Work Order. Instead, because the problem will be solved in-house, a New Subcase is created. s

The call agent puts the customer through to the company’s help desk. The help desk is able to see any information the call agent logged, and is ready to start helping the customer over the phone. As they discuss the problem, the help desk is able to log any new information into the Subcase, including the activity done, the time, and the phone call itself. When the problem is fixed and the customer is satisfied, the Subcase and Case are closed.

GoServicePro dispatch scheduling software recognizes that you might not always need to send people out into the field. For those instances, you have our easy to use Subcases.


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