Capture Signatures in the Field


GoServicePro Online Dispatch Software After hours of working on site you have completed the work, it is now time to communicate your results to your client. With GoServicePro's online dispatch software you navigate with ease and show your client the notes, activities, and even a few pictures that really emphasize the quality of your hard work. The client is excited to be reassured that everything is in working order. Over the years, in business a signature has been not only a method of identification but one of acceptance and authentication. As we move towards a greener, paperless environment a method of signature capture that retains those qualities is still needed. The first methods of electronic signature capture were largely based on typing in the name and clicking the authorization button. This is a valid and accepted method but capturing a handwritten signature is even better at being a method of identification, acceptance, and authentication. Luckily the prevalence of mobile … [Read more...]