What is Field Service Management?

What exactly is field service management (FSM) software, and what does it do?

Field Service Management is used to refer to a system that supports business in keeping track of work orders, field technicians, routing, scheduling, service level agreements, parts and inventory, invoicing, and billing.

Small businesses often start using free, simple tools available to them: A dispatcher might use google calendar to dispatch field techs. To keep track of inventory, a company might manually add and edit items to a spreadsheet. In order to bill customers someone in the back office might use basic accounting software. As a business grows it gets harder to communicate, more and more calls come in, and employees’ jobs get harder.

GoServicePro makes your job less stressful

GoServicePro makes your job less stressful

Field Service Management software provides a solution: with GoServicePro’s dispatching software, you can easily combine these multiple apps and processes into one streamlined system to make your workflow more efficient. Field service management isn’t just about being able to produce an invoice or a quote for a customer while out in the field; you’re able to do a number of other things. You’re able to track the locations and driving techniques of your in field workers.  Customer demand and expectations are able to be met quickly and efficiently because there can be an immediate response from a worker.  You’ll never have missing analytic or service data when you’re able to add all the information you receive, right as you receive it.  Dispatch workers as new jobs come up, manage your inventory, create, update, and even print invoices for your customers. We provide invoicing and billing options as well; essentially, we’re here to make your job easier.

GoServicePro's Dispatch Board

GoServicePro’s Dispatch Board

This is great for companies within the auto-glass industry, car transport, construction industry, cable companies, plumbing or other home repair companies, and more.  But that’s not all GoServicePro is good for.  You don’t have to have a company that runs on in field workers to use our software.  If you have any kind of employees that work from home, or in several offices, this software is great to keep everyone organized and on the same page, no matter where you’re located.

We serve businesses with as few techs as three, as well has helping companies with thousands of people, using our software to organize and streamline their processes. You can go to our website and request a free demonstration of our software to see how we can help your business grow with an integrated, comprehensive solution .

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