How to Make a Work Order

When your field technicians go out to a job, they are following a Work Order.

At GoServicePro we know that creating a work order is the foundation for dispatching in a Field Service Management company, so we make it very easy to use!

In GoServicePro’s dispatching software, Work Orders (along with Subcases and Part Orders) are part of a Case. A Work Order can’t exist on its own, and must be closed before the Case is closed. A Case may have multiple Work Orders for multiple workers. For example, if a problem requires three techs to fix it, three separate Work Orders would be created under the same Case.




A customer calls in about a broken washing machine and will need a field tech to come visit. There are two ways to create a Work Order for this Case. The first is in the New Case window. Once the category of the call is registered, the “Create Work Order” box is automatically checked. This way, call agents and dispatchers don’t have to worry about later creating a Work Order if only one is needed.

The second way involves opening the Case once it is created. In the top left corner will be a “New WO” button, which is all you need to click in order to create a basic new Work new_workorderOrder.

After the WO is created, the dispatcher assigns it to the appropriate tech.

Once the WO is assigned, the field tech’s Android or Apple mobile device will be automatically updated. The tech then accepts the WO and is ready to head to the job site. Once all of the tasks for the Work Order are completed, the tech fills out the time stamp, collects any necessary signatures, and closes the WO.

When you choose GoServicePro for your dispatching software needs, you are choosing a quick and easy way to assign your field technicians Work Orders. When it comes to Field Service Management, the faster you can get your employees out into the field the faster your customers are happy, and the faster you make money!

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