Deeply integrated case system for detailed tracking and resolution of customer issues

Keep up to date with the newsfeed

Every case starts at the newsfeed: a history of everything that has been done to solve the case. Filterable and customizable, the newsfeed makes reviewing and reporting case information quick and easy. 

Enable business processes with workflows

  • Complex workflows can be modeled to route cases through your businesses problem resolution process.
  • Cases can be assigned to individuals or groups of people through the use of queues.
  • Statuses can be configured to represent critical points in the lifecycle of a case.
  • Closing status and resolution codes insure proper recording of the final disposition of the case.

Stay up to date on cases with case history and reporting.

  • Case history is maintained at site, contact and customer levels
  • Comprehensive audit trail time and user stamps all actions in the system to provide complete traceability.
  • Embedded reporting throughout the application provides pertinent information where you need it.

Integrate with your work orders

  • Cases can have related work orders to represent  field visits to customer sites.
  • Multiple work orders can be related to a single case to represent complex dispatch scenarios (i.e. heavy equipment requiring 2 man lift).
  • Work orders contain all of the information necessary to make intelligent resource assignment decisions based on skills, certifications, location, schedule availability, and required spares.

Keep track of billing senarios and SLAs

  • Visual and systematic indicators help keep Service-Level Agreement commitments on track.
  • Responsible parties will be notified when an SLA is in jeopardy or has been missed.
  • Case billing provides the ability to review charges for work performed, parts used, event charges etc.
  • Billing review allows billing administrators to review the charges prior to invoicing and apply adjustments where necessary.