Subcases in GoServicePro


GoServicePro Dispatch Scheduling Software Not all problems require your field techs to go out and fix them. Sometimes, problems can just be fixed over the phone or through email. In GoServicePro, we use Subcases for these situations. The toilet that wouldn't flush. Imagine a scenario where a client calls in, informing you that one of the toilets you installed won't flush. … [Read more...]

Field Dispatch Software GoServicePro: A Field Engineer’s Guide

Customer Signature in Mobile App

Field Dispatch Software: I'm a field engineer. Field Dispatch Software with GoServicePro: A typical day starts with me reviewing the work orders dispatch has assigned to me. They come in on my company-provided tablet, but I can get them on my mobile device as well. When I open the GoServicePro app I see a list of work orders scheduled for the day. If I haven't already accepted them, I do so. This lets the dispatcher know I've accepted the work order. … [Read more...]

GoServicePro’s Mobile Dispatch App


Mobile Dispatch App What happens if they work in an area with no service? What happens if their papers accidentally get shuffled around or lost? At GoServicePro, we recognize the issues and needs of Field Service companies, and have created our Mobile App to include everything your company could desire. This app can be downloaded on any Android or Apple mobile device, such as a smart phone or tablet. … [Read more...]

Preventative Maintenance


GoServicePro Dispatching Software Many field service companies have recurring jobs for certain clients or installs. The field tech goes to the site, does the work, and then makes a note to come back out in a month, three months, or a year. Papers get lost, field techs quit, and Preventative Maintenance goes undone. "If only there was a way to automate this process!" cries the hard working  field service manager as he shakes his fist to the heavens. "There must be a better way!!" I'm here to tell you: there is a better way. And that better way is choosing GoServicePro's dispatching software. Service Contracts GoServicePro uses Service Contracts for setting up Preventative Maintenance. These contracts allow for you to set prices for your customers, whether that be per part or site. This allows you and your client to know exactly what they are paying for before the job has even begun. This also gives you the opportunity to give discounts to certain customers while still having a … [Read more...]

Online Dispatch Software

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Online Dispatch Software Online dispatch software provided by GoServicePro  aims to make your company more efficient and generate more money. We offer multiple plans ranging from just the ability to create jobs and dispatch them to field techs (our Basic plan) all the way to full access of our features such as a customer portal, part orders, invoices, and more (our Enterprise plan).  Let's talk about some of the key features our online dispatch software offers! Dispatch Board: Our dispatch board is where your back office or dispatcher will spend most of their time. This screen shows us three things: a Gantt view, a map, and a Needs Assignment holding area. The Gantt view shows us a list of all of our employees out in the field, along with their schedule. This can show any time frame including just today, this week, or the next month. We can then see all of the jobs our techs have, along with an estimated duration. The map allows us to see where our techs are as well as their jobs. … [Read more...]

GoServicePro Field Scheduling Software: Chart View

FE Schedule

Field Scheduling Software: Chart View GoServicePro Field Scheduling Software gives you the option on not only how you want to dispatch your techs, but how you want to see that schedule. While our dispatch board allows you to see a map and Gantt view of where your techs are and what days they are scheduled, we have recently created an addition chart view that we call: FESchedules. FESchedules FESchedule shows you a chart layout of all your FEs (or Field Engineers) with specific information such as the time they are scheduled, the site location, and the category code associated with the job. We can filter the date range to show today, this week, and this month, so that we can see who all is available at a quick view, and which techs are busiest on which days. The information displayed inside of the day chart is configurable, and we can display a wide range of information depending on what it is you are looking for. After checking the FESchedule view, you can go in and open up that … [Read more...]

New Year, New Job Scheduling Software


New Year, New Job Scheduling Software GoServicePro Job Scheduling Software is a top of the line dispatching software available at a reasonable price. We provide your back office the ability to create and schedule jobs, your techs to receive and record information on these jobs, and you the ability to invoice the customer. The New Year is the perfect time to start with some new scheduling options! If you haven't heard much about dispatching software, below are some reasons to seriously consider investing in some, and why you should choose GoServicePro! Reasons to Get a Job Scheduling Software 1. Increased Customer Satisfaction: One of the biggest customer complaints when it comes to service companies is the occasional missed or delayed job. When purchasing a Job Scheduling Software, the program takes care of the route planning for you. 2. Mobile: Your techs will receive their work orders on their phone or tablet as long as they are connected to the internet. With Cloud … [Read more...]

GoServicePro Dispatch Software


Dispatch Software GoServicePro Dispatch Software gives the power of cloud computing to your techs, in an easy to understand way. Our mobile application provides all the direction they need to receive, work on, and close out their jobs. We even work for all Apple and Android mobile devices! Receiving Jobs and Logging Time When the back office dispatches a job to a tech out in the field, their mobile device will receive a notification showing a new job has been assigned. Along the left hand side they will find a schedule showing the various jobs they have assigned and on what days. When the job is selected they are able to see the address and customer information, and can even select the blue arrow to bring up Google Navigate for up to date directions. The wizard bar at the top lets your tech know what timestamp needs to be logged next, and all they have to do is select the button. From there they are able to begin work! Forms and Configurations As the techs begin working, … [Read more...]

Customer Tracking Field Service Management Software


Field Service Management Software GoServicePro Field Service Management Software allows you to keep track of all of your customer data, which is saved for easy access at any point in the future. With adhoc searchable fields, you can quickly find out all you need to know just with a name, number, email, or site name! Creating job tickets for your customers has never been easier. Contact Information Our contact information allows you to keep track of your customer's name, title, and contract information. Any additional information needed can be added to the notes section or logged separately. Contacts location, primary site, and additional sites are also kept track of. We allow for contacts to be associated with an unlimited amount of sites. All of this information can be accessed and even edited during the time of job creation by selecting the hyperlink of the contacts last name. Site Information All contacts are tied to at least one site, which is the actual location. The … [Read more...]

Reporting with GoServicePro Field Service Software


Reporting with GoServicePro Field Service Software GoServicePro field service software allows you to keep track of customer and site data, asset history, and work order activities. All of these items and more can be compared to one another over data ranges and other field and filters through the use of our reporting engine. These reports can be viewed inside of our desktop app, and can even be setup to email out to your management team on a weekly or monthly basis! Report Views Our reporting allows you to view your data in the following views: Raw Data, Graph, Map, Gantt, Cross-Tab, and Form Reports. Our raw data view allows you to see the data laid out in an excel-like format with columns and rows that are ad-hoc searchable. The graph views allows you to display the data in bar graphs or pie charts with various color schemes. The gantt and map view are specific to if there are time constraints on the graph or physical locations. Cross-tab is similar to the raw data, except it … [Read more...]