Make customer management easy by tracking, recording, and reporting on customer interactions, parts, sites, and contracts.

Associate contacts to sites and track the history of your contact interactions.

All history is searchable and reportable.  You can even set up contact specific notifications and alerts allowing you customize how you interact with specific customers.

Create site hierarchies and assign assets to each location.

  • Flexible site hierarchy allows you to model complex internal or customer organizations based on levels such as Business Unit, Region, District, Office, and Individual sites.
  • System administrators can restrict access to data based on organizational level.
  • Site assets represent the installed equipment or services at a customer site.  These are typically the products you service.
  • Information such as the product, serial number, asset tag, installed date, etc are visible on a site asset.
  • Service history can be viewed by individual site asset or based on product attributes (i.e. family, line, customer, geography, etc).
  • Installs, De-Installs, and Exchanges are easily transacted and stored as part of the asset history.
  • Complex site installations can be represented through site asset hierarchy.

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Set preferred technicians to specific sites and save specific billing information for each location.

  • Site preferences enable you to set up preferred, primary, and non preferred technicians for a given site.
  • Insures that knowledgeable technicians are preferred during resource scheduling.
  • Preferences may also be applied to site assets.
  • Billing information can easily be viewed on the site.
  • Billing includes case billing, time and materials billing, parts billing, and contract annuity billing.