Create groups, organizations, and hierarchies for a customizable and easy-to-use employee management system.

Assign security roles, features and permissions.

  • Employee management allows you to record pertinent information about your employees such as name, location, workgroup, manager, etc
  • Scheduling information such as working hours, skills, certifications, location, customer and asset preferences as well as available spare parts insure accurate dispatching of resources
  • Security roles assigned to an employee determine the level of access the employee has to various functions in the system.

Utilize Queues to place users into groups for easy assigning of work items

  • Add individuals from queues + individuals can exist in multiple queues simultaneously.
  • Define departments, regions, or a co-located workforce.
  • Workflow objects such as cases, work orders, part orders, tasks, part orders, etc. can be assigned to queues where members of the queue are notified of the arrival of the item.
  • Employees can accept an item out of a queue in order to complete the next step in the business process flow.

Keep track of skills and certifications

  • Skills and certifications are related to employees, sites, and site assets. They are used in the scheduling process to insure a technician with the proper knowledge is assigned to the work order.
  • Skills represent knowledge your employees have and utilize to solve problems. Skills have levels from 1 to 5 to represent an employee’s mastery of the skill whether it is a basic familiarity or complete mastery of the skill.
  • Certifications represent accreditation or licenses that your employees hold. These are usually achieved by attending a class or continuing education course. Certifications have expiration dates which help managers keep on top of employees requiring re-certification.


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View preferred sites for each employee.

  • Employee preferences enable you to set up preferred, primary, and non preferred technicians for a given site and/or site asset.
  • Insures that knowledgeable technicians are preferred during resource scheduling.

Create timesheets to manage employee schedules.

  • Timesheets aggregate all work and non work related time that a technician has logged into a timesheet summary.
  • Managers can easily see how much time was spent working, traveling, doing administrative tasks as well as time spent away from work on personal business (i.e. vacation, doctors appt, etc.)
  • An approval process enables managers to review and adjust timesheet details before marking as approved.

Easy calendar view of employee schedules.

  • The schedule screen provides a familiar style calendar for viewing scheduled work orders and appointments.
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly views along with summary information for the selected time frame provide flexible methods for viewing scheduling information.
  • Employees have one-click access for managing scheduled work orders and creating personal as well as on-call appointments.