Site Assets with GoServicePro Dispatching Software

GoServicePro Dispatching Software

Keeping track of parts installed at a site can be a complicated and frustrating task. GoServicePro’s dispatching software strives to alleviate these issues by storing all of your site assets at the customer site level. Never again feel like you will lose important data concerning installed items!

Site Asset Lookup

Site assets (parts that are installed at a customer site) can be viewed by selecting the site you want to view or visit. On the case creation screen, once a customer site is selected a list of all the parts installed at that site become available. This includes the part number, description, serial number, quantity, when the part was installed, and more! Now when a customer calls in and says they are having issues with a particular piece of equipment, you can know exactly which item it is that needs to be worked on.

Site Asset Information

This information can also be viewed by looking at the site data inside of the system. Here, we can find all of the above information, as well as pull open the history tab along the right hand side. This tab gives us more general information on the site asset, which employees have preferences For or Against working on this piece of equipment, and the history of it including the activity date and details of what occurred.Site Asset 1

Installing a New Site Asset

New site assets can easily be added either by the back office, or by the field techs on their mobile device. When installing parts at a site location we are able to select the particular part number which then fills in several points of data. If the part is serialized, we are able to input a serial number to help us keep track of this particular site asset. This can later be scanned through a barcode reader inside the mobile device’s camera out in the field!

Site Asset 3

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