Employee Management with Field Service Scheduling Software


Employee Tracking with GoServicePro Field Service Scheduling Software GoServicePro Field Service Scheduling Software allows you to track and manage your clients, sites, and employees, among many other items. Whether you have five employees or five thousand, it is important to know where they are, what they are capable of working on, and what availability they have. With GoServicePro's field service dispatch software you are able to keep track of all of these and more! Schedules GoServicePro allows you to dispatch your techs in a number of different ways, including a manual lookup, auto assigning, and our dispatch board. Regardless of how a tech was dispatched, we are able to view their individual schedules both on the dispatch board as well as on their "Schedule" screen. This will include any jobs that they have assigned for the day or week, as well as any additional appointments or time off that they have. Any time blocked off will keep additional jobs from being assigned to … [Read more...]

GoServicePro Field Service Software – Consolidated Invoicing

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GoServicePro Field Service Software GoServicePro Field Service Software can help you with not just all of your scheduling needs, but some invoicing and quoting options as well! Not only are we able to generate invoices inside of our program, but we are able to integrate with several accounting software packages, such as QuickBooks. Invoicing GoServicePro allows you to keep track of expenses, parts used, price schedules, and much more. When these are done on a particular project or case, you are able to roll up all of the invoice data from the different work orders into one invoice. This information can be displayed both out in the field as well as generated in the back office. Consolidated Invoicing Our field service management software allows you to create a scope of invoices to consolidate. When an invoice is marked as consolidated, the options are expanded to allow you to choose from a list of available invoices. From here, we can select the particular invoices we want … [Read more...]

Recurring Jobs with GoServicePro

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Recurring Jobs Recurring jobs and Preventative Maintenance allow you to create jobs for the future with just one easy setup. We can set jobs to generate daily, weekly, monthly, or annually. The GoServicePro Preventative Maintenance module allows you to plan ahead for your company's future business. PMs in Contracts Inside of the contract associated with the customer, we are able to setup one or multiple recurring work orders. Whenever a new one is automatically created, they will appear under the bolded title for easy of access. Theses jobs can be created using different work order templates, and can even be auto assigned to field techs when created. Not only does GoServicePro auto create these jobs for you, but it can even assign the tech! Monthly PMs GoServicePro lets you create jobs automatically on a daily, weekly, monthly, and annual basis. When selecting the particular preventative maintenance jobs that need recurrence, you are able to select all the way down to the … [Read more...]

GoServicePro Field Service Management Mobile App


GoServicePro Field Service Management Mobile App GoServicePro Field Service Management Mobile App helps take care of all of your field service needs. Our mobile app allows your techs to have receive jobs, create new ones, and complete any tracking and data entry that you would like to require of them. Our mobile application is available for all Android and Apple iOS mobile devices, and can even work offline! Logging of Information Field techs are able to log several items on their jobs, including timestamps, expenses, notes, and activities done against a site asset. In addition to these basic logging methods, our mobile application also allows for techs to take pictures, add attachments to their jobs, and even utilize our Intelligent PDFs and work on customized forms. Customer Information Not only are we able to log new information on the mobile app, but we are able to find data on the customer and point of contact. You are given the address and phone number, and by selecting … [Read more...]

GoServicePro Service Dispatch Software: Invoicing

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GoServicePro Service Dispatch Software Invoicing is a key part of any field service business. It is how you know what you will be getting paid, and how the customer knows the cost of the work to be done. With GoServicePro Service Dispatch Software, invoicing and quoting can be done both in the back office as well as in the field. While we are not an accounting software, we are able to export our data out to several programs, such as QuickBooks and versions of Sage! Invoice Data GoServicePro is able to keep track of your invoice data and export it out. We are able to display Labor, Expenses, Parts, Event Charges, Contract Items, Shipping and Handling, and the Total amount! This information is displayed in an easy to read grid that will also break down billable amounts, taxes, cost, profit, and much more. Line Items Our software also allows you to see an indepth view of each line item associated with the invoice or quote. This lets us see what in particular we are charging … [Read more...]

GoServicePro Dispatching Software: Price Books

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GoServicePro Dispatching Software Many field service programs that are geared towards small and medium sized businesses tend to lack in their billing features. They may allow you to write in a final price, or have some low level invoicing. Not only do we offer more than just the bare minimum, but we are able to integrate with QuickBooks and Sage. For companies that need a dispatch software that has more than just the bare minimum of billing options, GoServicePro is here for you. Service Offering Contracts within GoServicePro are handled through the use of Service Offerings. These can be created for each customer, or applied to multiple customers. We are able to apply Service Level Agreements (or SLAs) within these Service Offerings through a combination of Service Items and Service Levels. It is within the Service Offering that we are able to apply a Price Book. Price Books Price Books within GoServicePro can be used to help setup labor costs, expense markups, and minimum … [Read more...]

GoServicePro: What is Dispatch Software?

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Dispatch Software The world is becoming more invested in technology and this can be seen across nearly every industry. The same applies to field service companies, and this is where GoServicePro comes in. GoServicePro is a dispatch software for field service companies that want to no longer misplace jobs, have scheduling conflicts, or have jobs completed without collecting payment. Dispatching Options GoServicePro's Dispatch Board allows you to see a Gantt view of your field techs and their schedules, a map with your field techs location, and a Needs Assignment holding area. Something that many of our customers used to struggle with was making sure all of their jobs were assigned out to field techs, and that none slipped through the cracks. With GoServicePro's Dispatch Board, you'll never have to worry about that again! Whenever a job is created, it will either be assigned or unassigned. Assigned jobs will appear inside of the Gantt view as a colored box, which can be hovered … [Read more...]

GoServicePro at the WWETT 2016 Show

GoServicePro at the WWETT 2016 Show This year we will be attending the WWETT Show in Indianapolis, IN from February 17th - 20th. The WWETT show is a top show for everyone involved in the Water & Wastewater Equipment, Treatment & Transport industries. We have had a lot of success in these fields and are excited to share our field service software with even more of you! Benefits of GoSevicePro GoServicePro strives to provide service solutions to all of customers field service issues. Here is a list of many of the functions and solutions we offer: - Parts Management - Site Asset Management - Billing and Invoicing - Mobile App Offline Capabilities - Scheduling Options - Reporting - And more! Come Talk to Us! We would love for you to come by our booth (#1466) and learn more about our field service software! We are having a trade show special available as well for our future customers. We hope to see you there! … [Read more...]


GoServicePro HVAC We at GoServicePro have been going to the AHR EXPO for years, and would encourage everyone that is in the HVACR industry to consider attending. This year it is in sunny Orlando, Florida at the Orange County Convention Center from January 25-27. GoServicePro and the HVACR industry While GoServicePro is committed to saving all kinds of field service companies time and money, we have found that some of our features and price point are a perfect fit for HVACR companies. We provide an inventory and parts management work space that lets you keep track of all parts your techs are using, when they are using them, and who all shares a truck. Other features include dispatching capabilities, work order creation, and a mobile application. All of these and more contribute to speeding up the workflow of both your back office and your field techs, while also allowing you to have access to all of the data points logged. Our reporting system gives you the tools to keep track … [Read more...]

HVAC Dispatching with GoServicePro

GoServicePro HVAC GoServicePro offers many features to the HVAC industry, including inventory management, data logging, and cloud-based technology. One of GoServicePro's core features however is our ability to dispatch jobs to field techs on their mobile device. Dispatching Options GoServicePro offers 5 different ways to do dispatching: 1. Dispatch Advisor - This dispatching tool calculates a score for your field techs based off of skill, certifications, travel distance, openness of schedule, and customer preferences. You can then see which field tech would be best for the job, and pick accordingly. 2. Manual Lookup - This gives you a list of all of your HVAC techs and lets you choose who you want to dispatch the job to. 3. Auto Assign - Using the above mentioned attributes (skill, certs, etc.) the best field tech is automatically chosen and sent the job. 4. Availability Matrix - Available times are given that field techs are available. The best field tech available … [Read more...]