Inventory Management

GoServicePro Dispatching Software

Many companies either don’t manage their inventory, or they keep track of them in complicated excel spreadsheets. Some field service management software need an additional inventory system purchased alongside them, many without having a way to connect the two. GoServicePro dispatching software has risen above this problem that other programs suffer from by having an inventory management system right inside of our product!

Inventory Locations

Field techs are assigned truck locations which can be shared between multiple technicians. This will be tied with what they are actually carrying on their truck. Each truck location can be tied to a warehouse, which is where they pick up their parts. Each truck is then broken down into at least three bins: Good, Bad, and Missing. Additional bins can be added for company needs as well.

IM 1

Adjusting Quantity

The Good and Bad balance on hand can be found on the right hand side of the inventory locations. From here, we can change the amount of parts we have in one bin or another. If we are receiving in a new part from a warehouse, we can select Receive New after picking the desired part and adjust to the new amount. If there is a mistake and we need to add or subtract down to a certain amount of the part, we can select Adjust after picking the desired part and then change the new quantity to the correct amount. If we need to transfer a part from one field tech to another field tech, we can select Transfer after picking the desired part and move the part to the correct field tech.

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GoServicePro allows you to keep track of parts, part orders, and inventory. The mobile application available for field techs also lets your field techs see a list of the inventory, which decreases in quantity as they log parts being used. Inventory Management is just one of many features you get when you choose GoServicePro!

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